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Luxury accommodation for cats

To ensure our hotel guests have a relaxing and stress-free stay with us, every detail has been thought of. The hotel is purpose built and offers the highest standards of hygiene, built from UPVC and fully insulated, with full-height, double-glazed sneeze barriers. (view the gallery).

The hotel is situated in a tranquil garden environment with soothing spa music played over Sonos sound systems throughout the hotel. We pride ourselves on the feedback our cat hotel receives and our guests’ owners speak very highly of us (read the reviews).

At Greenacre we take our guests’ security very seriously, using state-of-the-art 24 hour video surveillance and alarm systems.

Junior Rooms

  • Light and airy with panoramic views of the gardens
  • Thermostatically controlled and heated by gas central heating
  • Comfortable beds with vet bedding situated in the raised bedroom area and on the ground floor
  • Small climbing towers for guests to explore
  • Soothing spa music played through Sonos systems

V.I.C. Rooms

  • Spacious climate controlled rooms to ensure the air stays delightfully clean cool and fresh
  • Each guest has their very own flat-screen TV playing fish aquariums and cat games
  • Bespoke designed wrought iron beds with a memory foam mattress and cut glass crystal balls
  • Evening mood lighting
  • Soothing spa music played through Sonos systems

Garden suite

We offer a truly superior boarding experience, so our latest addition is aimed at the more energetic guest that requires extra space…
  • Soothing spa music played through Sonos systems
  • Flat-screen TV playing fish aquariums and cat games
  • Beautiful handcrafted fur hammocks in the bedroom
  • Oak climbing platforms
  • Access via cat flap to a large outdoor ‘catio’
  • Real climbing tree with resting platforms
  • Outdoor Bose music speaker playing ambient nature music
  • Exclusive views over the pond and landscaped gardens

The King Suite

  • With outdoor conservatory